Primary Research Articles (2016-2022)

1. Ng WC, Kwek SS, Sun B, Yousefi M, Ong EZ, Tan HC, Puschnik AS, Chan KR, Ooi YS, Ooi EE. A fast-growing dengue virus mutant reveals a dual role of STING in response to infection. Open Biol. 2022 Dec;12(12):220227

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8.     Huseh FC, Wu CN, Lin MYC, Hsu FY, Lin CF, Chang HW, Lin JH, Liu HF, Chiou MT, Chan KR*, Lin CN (2021). Phylodynamic analysis and spike protein mutations in porcine deltacoronavirus with a new variant introduction in Taiwan, Virus Evolution, 7, 2, veab096.

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10.     Yau C, Gan ES, Kwek SS, Tan HC, Ong EZ, Hamis NZ, Rivino L, Chan KR, Watanabe S, Vasudevan SG, Ooi EE (2020). Live vaccine infection burden elicits adaptive humoral and cellular immunity required to prevent Zika virus infection. EBioMedicine, 61, 103028.

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14.     Chan KR*, Gan ES, Chan CY, Liang C, Low JZ, Zhang SL, Ong EZ, Bhatta A, Wijaya L, Lee YH, Low JG, Ooi EEE (2019). Metabolic perturbations and cellular stress underpin susceptibility to symptomatic live attenuated yellow fever infection. Nature Medicine, 25, 8, 1218-1224.

15.     Bidet K, Ho V, Chu CW, Naim ANH, Thazin K, Chan KR, Low JGH, Choy MM, Wong LH, Florez de Sessions P, Lee YH, Hibberd ML, Ooi EE, Fink K, Chen J. Mimicking immune signatures of flavivirus infection with targeted adjuvants improves dengue subunit vaccine immunogenicity. NPJ Vaccines, 27, 4.

16.     Tharakaraman K, Watanabe S, Chan KR, Huan J, Subramanian V, Chionh YH, Raguram A, Quinlan D, McBee M, Ong EZ, Gan ES, Tan HC, Tyagi A, Bhushan S, Lescar J, Vasudevan SG, Ooi EE, Sasisekharan R (2018). Rational design and characterisation of a Zika virus neutralising antibody that targets a quaternary epitope. Cell Host Microbe, 23, 5, 618-627.

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*indicates primary author

Review Articles (2016-2022)

1.     Lin CN, Chan KR, Ooi EE, Chiou MT, Huang M, Hsueh PR, Ooi PT (2021). Animal Coronavirus Diseases: Parallels with COVID-19 in Humans, Viruses, 13, 8, 1507

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