Kuan Rong Chan, PhD

Principal Research Scientist

Kuan Rong Chan is a Principal Research Scientist in the Programme in Emerging Infectious Diseases at Duke-NUS Medical School. He obtained his PhD from the NUS Graduate School for Integrative Sciences and Engineering and did his postdoctoral training in Duke-NUS Medical School. He is interested in using various bioinformatic tools to interrogate host responses to viruses and vaccines.

Fun fact: Kuan Rong likes playing badminton and Riichi Mahjong during his free time.

Justin Ooi, PhD

Research Fellow

Justin Ooi is a Research Fellow in the KR Chan Lab of the Programme in Emerging Infectious Diseases at Duke-NUS Medical School. He obtained his PhD from the Duke-NUS Medical School in Integrated Biology and Medicine and continued on with a year of postdoctoral training in structural biology and virology in the Laboratory of Virus Structure and Function of Prof Lok Sheemei. He joins KR Chan’s lab for a new challenge.

Fun fact: Justin was into competitive sports until age and responsibilities forced him to take it easy. Now he dabbles in music, cooking/baking and being an armchair expert on geopolitics.

Achievements: First author publication in Scientific Reports

Clara Koh

Research Assistant

Clara Koh is a BSc Medical Microbiology graduate from University of Leeds and is currently working as a research assistant to Dr Chan. She explored this career path in data analytics and bioinformatics through a prior internship in the same lab in 2020 and is interested in understanding how diseases may influence the host on multi-omics levels.

Fun fact: She currently enjoys playing Genshin Impact (and does not spend money on it) in her free time.

Achievements: First author publication in Scientific Reports, Co-author publication in eBioMedicine

Yuriko Hiew


Yuriko Hiew is an IB graduate and is interested to pursue scientific research as a means to contribute knowledge that can benefit people’s health and well-being. She is looking forward to starting university to learn about science in living organisms and apply acquired knowledge in projects and labwork.

Fun fact: Yuriko likes to go for walks in the park and enjoys drinking lemonade.

Gabrielle Joly Lee


Gabrielle Joly Lee is an A Level graduate from Eunoia Junior College. She is interested in improving the well-being of people through medical research in infectious diseases and cancer.

Fun fact: Gabrielle loves sports and enjoys playing ultimate frisbee and badminton

Achievements: Co-author publication in Scientific Reports

Akshata Kuvelkar


Akshata Kuvelkar is a final year student in Trinity College Dublin, currently pursuing her Bachelor of Science degree in Biological and Biomedical Sciences with a specialisation in Immunology. She is interested in viral vaccines and adjuvant response, and is learning how to actively integrate bioinformatics into her daily scientific practice.

Fun Fact: Akshata can speak 5 different languages and is currently learning her 6th.

John Low Zhong Heng

Final Year Project Student (2017-2018)

Research Assistant (2018-2020)

John is currently a second year medical student in Duke-NUS. He has been working with Kuan Rong since he was a final year project student at NUS. It’s through his experiences working with Kuan Rong when he picked up bioinformatics and learned how to analyze big data sets! Even without a background in coding, he believes that it is a valuable skill worth picking up at your own time.

Fun fact: John loves the outdoors and diving!

Achievements: First author publication in Cell Reports and STAR Protocols. Co-author publications in Nature Medicine and mSphere.