GMS6907 Exam
GMS6907 Exam

Module assessment

Attendance: 5%

Class participation: 10%

Group work on Excel: 5%

Mid-term Exam: 40%

Team-based project presentation: 40%

Mid Term Exam (40%)

Students will be given 2 Excel files, one describes the sample attributes and the other contains transcriptomics data for the samples. Specific questions will be provided and students are expected to use the Python programming language (within Jupyter Notebooks) to solve the questions. Assessment will be based on the accuracy of the analysis, as well as the methodology and codes used to solve these questions.

Final Exam (40%)

Students will be grouped in teams of 4. Teams can choose to develop a database or a web tool using Streamlit. Instructors will be available when students require additional help. Within the web tool, teams are expected to write a documentation page and give a 15min presentation describing the features of their database/web tool to examiners and other students.