Lab Highlights

27 December 2022

In the midst of fighting against COVID-19, do not forget about dengue. Privileged to be able to contribute to a commentary article in Straits Times detailing the efforts that have been done and how each of us can contribute in the battle against dengue. To read the full article, you may access the article here.

research highlight, Clara Kohresearch highlight, Clara Koh

5 December 2022

Proud to highlight that Clara Koh has been nominated as the best research assistant award in the department and the Bunsen Burner award in the SingHealth Duke-NUS AMC Research Staff Day for the year 2022. What a great way to end the year! I am very privileged to be able to work with her on multiple projects, utilising omics data to understand human biology. Hope to be able to see her shine even more in the years to come!

npj vaccines, mRNA vaccine, self-amplifying, systems biology, transcriptomicsnpj vaccines, mRNA vaccine, self-amplifying, systems biology, transcriptomics

28 November 2022

Finally our work on transcriptomic responses to self-amplifying mRNA vaccines is out! In this piece of work, we examined the transcriptomic responses that are most strongly associated with antibody and T-cell responses. We also compared the responses to other successful vaccines, which highlighted the potential of the use of self-amplifying mRNA for future viral pandemics. More information can be found at:

3 Novemember 2022

Privileged to be able to present in the ProImmune Mastering Immunity 2022, where I will be presenting Justin Ooi's work on: "Characterisation of host immune variations that influence live-attenuated Yellow Fever vaccine adaptive immune responses." He has also presented this work in the 16th Vaccine Congress in Italy 2022, and was well received. More details can be found at

TMEM41B and VMP-1 in dengue virus replicationTMEM41B and VMP-1 in dengue virus replication

1 0 August 2022

Big congratulations to Meisam, who published his story on how TMEM41B and VMP-1 modulates multiple cellular pathways, including lipid mobilization, mitochondrial beta-oxidation, and global metabolic regulations, to facilitate the replication of flaviviruses and coronaviruses. We are happy to have helped in the metabolic profiling and mitochondria phenotyping of the knock-out cells. The GitHub address for the mass spectrometry data can be found here. For more details, the manuscript can be found here.

1 August 2022

A great privilege to be interviewed by Nanostring with Eugenia Ong from ViREMiCs to discuss about the roles of multi-omics platforms and bioinformatics in shaping vaccines and therapeutics development. To hear the podcast, please visit:


Gene Updater, StreamlitGene Updater, Streamlit

28 July 2022

Congratulations to Clara Koh and Justin Ooi who are the co-first authors of a publication in Scientific Reports, where they developed a web tool using Streamlit that auto-corrects and converts old gene names and dates into the updated gene names, as recommended by the HUGO Gene Nomenclature Committee. These conversions make the genes more resilient to Excel auto-conversion, ensuring accuracy and integrity of gene expression data. Click on the hyperlinks to access to publication, GitHub, data files and blog for more details.

Asia dengue summit 2020, Invited spearker
Asia dengue summit 2020, Invited spearker

29 April 2022

Privileged to be invited as a speaker for an onsite conference in Singapore. Finally, a conference on dengue! Excited to share my recent research findings, which is on "Global analysis of baseline human immune variations that influence yellow fever live-attenuated vaccine immunogenicity." Hope to see all of you there and network with all of you.

Check out Justin Ooi's poster as well, to know more information about the project!

6 April 2022

I am privileged to be invited as one of the panelists to discuss about how COVID-19 has shaped the local environment and how we can potentially alter our surroundings to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic. Many thanks to Jian Hong for coordinating these activities and help increase our public awareness on these topics. It was a fun session!

15 December 2021

zika virus determinants of pathogenesiszika virus determinants of pathogenesis

Big congratulations to Clement Yau and John Low for successfully publishing their work entitled "Dysregulated metabolism underpins Zika-virus-infection-associated impairment in fetal development," in Cell Reports. We integrated transcriptomics, metabolomics and cellular bioenergetics methods to uncover the molecular mechanisms how a single substitution in the Membrane protein of Zika virus (M-F37L) leads to dysregulated metabolism that promoted to zika pathogenesis. The effects of dysregulated metabolism can be potentially reversed by supplementing with pyruvate, suggesting a potential therapeutic avenue for Zika treatment.

6 December 2021

gene updater, streamlit, autocorrect, excelgene updater, streamlit, autocorrect, excel

We are incredibly excited to share our first streamlit web tool developed by Clara Koh and Justin Ooi. Gene Updater auto-corrects and converts old gene names and dates into the updated gene names, as recommended by the HUGO Gene Nomenclature Committee. These conversions make the genes more resilient to Excel auto-conversion.

26 November 2021

Congratulations to one of our lab members, Justin Ooi, who was selected to give an oral presentation at the DUNES symposium. He gave an amazing talk on how transcriptomics datasets can be useful to accelerate vaccine research. Looking forward to see more of his discoveries in the field of omics research!

16 November 2021

It is a privilege to be an invited speaker at IVBDHC, where our lab showcased how our web tools can potentially accelerate systems vaccinology research.

Happy to hear that Meisam Yousefi, a PhD student whom I work very closely with, was awarded the best oral presenter. Looking forward for more discoveries from him and his mentor, Yaw Shin Ooi